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Finding Leaks Across Eastern North Carolina

Even if you care for your pipes and plumbing diligently, there is always a chance that a leak will appear. Frozen pipes and changing temperatures, corroded or weakened pipes, and aging piping material all contribute to the likelihood of a leak or even a burst pipe.

When you suspect there is a leak in your pipes, contact the pros at Roberson’s Plumbing and Septic for expert leak detection in Wilson and the surrounding areas in Eastern North Carolina. Our leak detection processes rely on non-invasive technologies, like cameras, allowing us to precisely locate a leak in your pipes without making a mess. Once we identify a leak, we provide useful solutions, including repairs, and make suggestions for the continuing care of your plumbing system.

Signs You May Have a Leak

It may not always be obvious that you need leak detection in Wilson, NC and the surrounding areas. Sometimes the signs are subtle and require careful observation. We recommend you call Roberson’s Plumbing and Septic if you notice any of the following:

Leaks can range from small to catastrophic. Our goal is to catch leaks in the early stages with regular plumbing maintenance and leak detection in Wilson, NC or your nearby hometown. We build lasting relationships with our customers so we can help them avoid the worst-case scenario.

Slab Leaks: The Warning Signs

Slab leaks are a specific type of leak that can be difficult to identify and repair. They occur when an underground pipe beneath the concrete foundation of your home, also known as a “slab,” leaks or deteriorates. They are most common in older homes. Since Wilson has a diverse range of properties built across the decades, you should keep track of key facts like when your house was built and the last time your sewer line was replaced, so you know whether or not you’re at risk for a leak like this.

Slab leaks cause severe water damage and have the potential to cause foundational damage to your home’s structure. We recommend looking for the following signs to ensure you catch the leak early:

Why Leak Detection is Important

Leak detection in Wilson has multiple functions. It is smart to rely on a professional, licensed plumbing company to do this work for you, rather than trying to identify a leak yourself. Without the training required, you may not be able to precisely locate the leak, and it is unlikely you have the tools and know-how needed to repair it.

Leak detection saves you money, more than anything else. If you have a leak, it will not repair itself! It will only get worse over time, causing more damage, both aesthetic and structural. Problems resulting from water damage, like mold, are dangerous to your health and may require major renovations to fix. Plus, leaks often result in spiking utility bills, which will return to standard levels after a plumber implements a fix.

Leaking pipes may also cause general discomfort in your home. It is not pleasant to find wet spots on your floors or walls! Low water pressure can also be a pain, especially when all you want is a nice shower or clean clothes. Repairs to your pipes will make it possible to live normally again.

Contact Roberson’s Plumbing and Septic for more information about our leak detection services! We are happy to help you find the leaks throughout your home and repair them.

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Very few other plumbing companies in the area have both plumbing and septic licenses. A full range of services available to both residential and commercial customers makes Roberson’s Plumbing and Septic a convenient, reliable choice for your plumbing and septic needs.

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